Website Care

Website Care is perfect for you if you’re struggling to find enough hours in the day or couldn’t tell an SEO from a domain. We’re here to support you with all your website maintenance and tech help needs.

The website care service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Website maintenance (security updates, domain maintenance, design maintenance and more.

  • Social media graphics

  • Standard or landing page updates

  • Design updates

  • Website copy and photo updates

  • Technical support

Option 1 — Per hour

Only need website care occasionally? Then choosing the per hour option is excellent for you. We use an intelligent time tracking tool to make sure that you only pay for the work spent on your website. If we work for 10 minutes on your site, you only pay for 10 minutes!

$67 per hour

Option 2 — Monthly packages

If you need regular website care, then choosing a monthly retainer package is your best and cheapest option. Make a selection below, and we will care for your website every month for the assigned package hours. The monthly retainer packages require a three-month investment.


Basic $57

1 hour per month

Requires a three month investment.


Standard $171

3 hours per month

Requires a three month investment.


Deluxe $342

6 hours per month

Requires a three month investment.